We Buy Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals

At A&R Recycling Company, Inc., we buy and sell ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our process is simple and efficient - Buy, Sort, Sell! We make sure everything is sized and priced appropriately, so that value doesn't get lost.

Widely recycled in the market today, ferrous metals, such as steel, is one of the first industrial materials to be actively recycled. Largely due to the economic benefits, it's used, in addition to iron ore, to produce new steel, and this saves a massive amount of energy for steel production.

Non-ferrous metals are among the most widely recovered and recycled metals across the industry. Consisting of brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals, they are a staple for industrial products and generally retain their properties.

We Buy & Recycle the following:

  • Iron
  • Wire
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Radiators
  • Insulated Wire
  • Nickel Alloy & More!

Exclusion List

A&R Recycling WILL NOT buy stolen material under any circumstances!

We are NOT an auto salvage yard for car parts!

A&R Recycling Company is committed to complying with local, state, and federal environmental regulations. To this end, we cannot accept the materials listed in the PDF file provided below.

Download the Exclusion List here.