About Our Company

A&R Recycling Co., Inc. seeks to build long term relationships with customers by providing the highest quality product at the most competitive price. We value our relationships with current and future customers and hope to communicate our appreciation of them through our outstanding service, guaranteed product quality, and efficient delivery. Our commitment to our customers, employees and vendors are reflected through honest and responsible business practices.

2012 Business Partner Of The Year

"Camden County Technical Schools is proud to partner with and honor A & R Recycling Co., Inc., and the company’s vice-president, Raymond Trainor, as the district’s 2012 Business Partner of the Year."

"Mr. Trainor became involved with CCTS several years ago, and he quickly became involved in all aspects of the district. Mr. Trainor currently serves on several career program advisory boards including green technology, welding and carpentry. He also allows students to participate in his company’s safety programs, and has hired between one and three CCTS students every year, offering each of them full-time employment upon graduation."

"Mr. Trainor believes in giving all students a chance to succeed and assigns mentors to help them reach their goals. Mr. Trainor recently shared his expertise in the recycling industry with the staff and students, and as a result, two components were added to the Green Technology curriculum."

Excerpt From: Career Tech NJ

Business Partners of the Year Honored by NJ County Vocational-Technical Schools - December 17, 2012